7 amazing destinations at their best in spring

The days are getting longer, the sweet scent of flowers is in the air, and optimism abounds. It can mean only one thing. Winter's shroud has lifted, and spring has finally sprung. What better way to welcome in the warmer weather than with a well-earned break. Of course, there are lots of fabulous destinations worth visiting during the spring months, but there are some that stand out from the crowd, inspiring holiday spots that are at their very best during the prelude to summer.

Kyoto, Japan

The Japanese city of Kyoto is known all over the world for its spectacular cherry and plum blossoms. Every spring, millions of tourists from Japan and beyond flock to the city to experience this natural wonder

If you're lucky enough to catch this fleeting spectacle, you'll be utterly blown away. But even if you miss it, Kyoto is an outstanding place to visit during the spring months, with warm weather and acres of green space coming into bloom. The later you decide to visit, the quieter and less crowded the city will be.

Marrakech, Morocco

It's quite amazing the difference a few hours in the air can make. Nowhere is this more evident than on a trip from Europe to Morroco. A crossroads of the African continent, the Morrocan capital Marrakech is positively buzzing with exotic sights, sounds and tastes.

This beautiful city can reach temperatures in excess of 35°C during the height of summer, so a visit during spring is far more pleasurable. With warm weather, clear blue skies and bountiful produce in the city's markets, a trip to Marrakech during spring is a feast for the senses.

Heiden, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are a well-known winter ski destination, but what many don't realise, is that these towering peaks are just as breath taking after the snow melts. Some of Switzerland's higher resorts are covered in snow until the start of summer, but during spring, the area around Heiden, located at the base of the mountains, is perfect for hikers.

Experience stunning walking trails around the vivid blue Lake Constance. The region is peppered with Alpine meadows and sweeping valleys at their most fertile and lush around spring.

San Fransisco, US

San Fransisco is one of the most visited cities in the US. And it's not hard to see why. This vibrant, eclectic metropolis is home to amazing eateries, an incredible music scene and cafe culture to rival anywhere in the world. The problem is, San Fran can be unbelievably pricey.

But head to the Sunshine State's most Bohemian city during the spring, and you'll notice a big difference in the price. Not only is it cheaper but the piercing blue skies and mild weather show the city off at its best.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Technically, the Argentinan capital is heading into autumn while the northern hemisphere welcomes spring. But with summer temperatures easing off, hotel prices low, and the trees beginning to turn, this is the very best time to visit.

Buenos Aires is a romantic destination at the best of times, but as summer here comes to a conclusion, the whole city appears to be winding down in a reflective, distinctly Latino fashion. All of the city's best sights can be enjoyed without the flood of summer visitors.

The Canary Islands, Spain

Spain's Canary Islands benefit from year-round sunshine. During summer the islands stay at a steady 25-28°C, and this pleasant weather hasn't gone unnoticed by the hoards of sun-seekers that visit every year.

During spring, temperatures are just making their way up into the mid-20s, but other holiday makers are few and far between. With a diverse array of habitats, from beautiful beaches to volcanic valleys, The Canary Islands offer the perfect all-round spring getaway.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Like much of northern Europe, The Netherlands experiences harsh, wet winters. So when spring finally does arrive the contrast is dramatic. Amsterdam comes into its own around this time.

This is when you'll see the fields of tulips that surround the city coming into bloom, cyclists donning sunhats, and alfresco diners enjoying canalside coffees. The atmosphere in the city in spring is utterly addictive, and you'll soon be swept up by it.

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