Few cities in the U.S. compare to New Orleans in terms of unique style, romance, music, and history. It's a truly enchanting place to visit, party, and soak up hundreds of years of history...and eat some of the best – and most unusual – foods you can imagine. Mardi Gras is a wild party, but you can enjoy a fantastic trip any time of the year!
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Europe: What to do on a 10-day tour

The European continent is magnificent. With some of the world’s most sophisticated cities, impressive monuments and celebrated cuisines, it’s impossible to see it all in just over a week. But ten days is enough to take in some of Europe’s most incredible offerings, you just have to travel smart.

Abu Dhabi: A most glamorous Grand Prix

You don’t have to be an avid fan of Formula 1 to fall in love with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Of course, for petrol heads, the whine of precision engines racing around an immaculate asphalt track is in itself irresistible, but the Abu Dhabi leg of this prestigious, annual tour offers much more besides - even the track is a breath-taking piece of modern architecture.