About Pakistan
Capital city: Islamabad

Jam-packed with natural and architectural wonders, Pakistan is a southern Asian nation which has been kept largely off the radar to tourists due to political instability, but those who commit to visiting Pakistan are richly rewarded. One of the few countries on the planet to boast every type of geological structure within its lands, Pakistan offers something for everyone: from the seas, flat plains and desert of the Punjab and Sindh regions, the arid mountainous region of Balochistan to the Himalayan mountains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan. Pakistan's capital city Islamabad is a world away from the country's remote mountainous areas, giving tourists a true flavour of contemporary Pakistan, with its modern-day architecture and high-class eateries. Similarly, Karachi, Pakistan's financial powerhouse, is another city that has to be seen to be believed with 15 million people tearing around this mega-city. For those seeking a little more peace and tranquility, Lahore is the perfect location. Regarded as the country's cultural capital, Lahore is brimming with UNESCO-listed attractions and ancient architecture, while its old town is awash with bazaars, museums and mosques. Look beyond the political instability and Pakistan really is a well-rounded holiday destination for tourists looking for something well outside their comfort zone.


Pakistan is home to the world's second highest mountain, K2, which is located on the western spur of the Himalayas.


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