About Singapore
Capital city: Singapore

Undoubtedly the cleanest city on the planet, with one of the most spectacular skylines, Singapore is no longer viewed by holidaymakers as just a stop-over en-route to south-east Asia or Australia; it's now a holiday destination in its own right. A melting pot of colonial heritage and modern-day infrastructure, Singapore offers something for everyone, from Michelin-starred restaurants to bustling markets, bars and street food. Famed for its somewhat draconian laws, Singapore is utterly spotless given its views on litter, chewing gum and smoking, making it a genuinely sophisticated city that its locals are rightly proud of. For the younger generation, Marina Bay is often where the action happens, with late-night clubs and bars dotted around, while the copious number of roof-top bars atop hotels and skyscrapers creates the perfect environment to start or finish a night out in Singapore. Families will be interested in the Universal Studios theme park and the city zoo, while those fascinated by Singapore's colonial past will be intrigued in the city's architecture and the way the old blends in with the new. What's really great about Singapore is that you can also hop on a bus out of the city and within a matter of minutes end up in ancient rainforests, surrounded by monkeys. No other city on the planet offers such stark contrasts and for that reason alone Singapore is a must-see holiday destination.


The city's draconian laws extend to failing to flush the lavatory, which could result in a hefty fine!


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