About Thailand
Capital city: Bangkok

One of the most popular south-east Asian holiday resorts, Thailand welcomes more than 16 million tourists to its shores every single year. There are so many reasons why Thailand is Asia's number-one holiday destination. However, one of its greatest appeals is the diversity of places to visit. Whether it's the spiritual Chiang Mai in the north, the quintessential Thai coastal area of Khao Lak to the west, the effervescent capital Bangkok, or the southern islands of Krabi and Phuket, Thailand is a multi-faceted holiday resort that offers the perfect blend of culture, fun and community. Bangkok is unashamedly the liveliest city in south-east Asia: a microcosm of commerce, tourism and modern-day glitz and glamour. Yet aside from the skyscrapers and rooftop bars there's an earthiness to the city too, with its ramshackle buildings down every side street offering great food and drink and an intoxicating welcome. Further afield, the southern islands are a haven for surfers and scuba divers who join the hordes of backpackers on the beach, soaking up the midday sun. In the north, Thailand's thick jungle is the perfect playground for explorers and foodies can venture into all four corners of the country to sample fantastically fresh and fragrant fare from the local street stalls and night markets.


Transportation across Thailand is extremely cheap, with local buses costing as little as 8 Thai baht, while day trains taking you around the country cost just 50 Thai baht.


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