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About Dubai
Big, bold and beautiful

In Dubai, anything is possible. While the unforgiving desert sun scorches the ground outside, you can spot skiers, inside the Mall of the Emirates, boarding chairlifts in preparation for an icy dash down the slopes.
Dubai is expanding at an unfathomable rate, faster in fact, than any other city in the world. In just over 25 years, where there was once a single skyscraper, there are now 400.


Fantastic and surreal, Dubai appears as an industrious desert oasis.


How’s the weather in Dubai in October?




Dry days


Avg. Rainfall

4 mm

Snow Days







Local time



UAE dirham

What does Dubai cost?



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Getting around Dubai

Dubai’s extensive public transport network includes water taxis, buses and a Metro train line. All services are operated by the Dubai Roads & Transportation Authority (RTA), apart from the traditional wooden-hulled abra’s, and a pre-paid Nol Card covers trips on all RTA public transport. Prices start at AED 2 for 10 trips. The old-fashioned abras criss-cross Dubai Creek, but only accept cash.

The Metro runs on two lines, Red and Green, and operates until midnight every day except Thursdays and Fridays when it stops at 1am.

If you decide to opt for the bus, be aware that you’ll need to hail it down. You should also not that the first three rows on the bus are reserved, at all times, for women and children only.

Taxis are abundant in Dubai but expect a long wait at peak times and around shopping centres. Water taxis are fun and give you a different perspective on the city, single trips start at AED 50. More luxurious private driving services like Careem also operate in the city.

Alternatively, you can hire your own traditional abra out for AED 100 per hour.

Driving in Dubai isn’t all that fun. The roads are often congested and there is a complicated one-way system to navigate too. It’s really best relying on th experts to ferry you around the city.

Walking in the old city centre is great but around the rest of Dubai you might struggle to find a suitable pavement. More often than not cars take priority over pedestrians.

There are public bike stations all around the city but cycling isn’t recommended as traffic, and hot weather, make it a difficult option. However, on a cooler day, bike rental company Next Bike could be a good option. They rent bikes from AED 15 per half hour.


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Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

You’ll need a head for heights

It’s impossible to miss the Burj Khalifa, it is after all the tallest building on the planet. But it’s only after you’ve taken the high-speed lift to the 124th floor observation deck that you’ll really appreciate its splendour.

The tip of the tower is a fraction under 830 metres tall. In comparison, the Empire State Building peaks at 381 metres.

With 360-degree views of the city, the glimmering waters of the Persian Gulf and the swathes of sand dunes that surround this city I the sand, this is an experience that mustn’t be missed.

Ride the dunes

One for adrenaline junkies

What to do with all that sand? Well some clever clogs have found a way to turn the dunes into a haven for extreme sports. From quad biking to sandboarding, the vast expanse of desert bordering Dubai makes for the perfect playground.

The desert around Dubai is an unforgiving place, the highest recorded temperature in the region was 52.1°C.

There are lots of tour companies who can offer the full package. Keep on the lookout for operators who offer a combination of sports as a daylong excursion. With lunch included, it’s a great family day out.

Dubai from the air

Sky high sights

There is no better way to absorb the wonder of the city than from the air. You’ll spot the silhouettes of hotel islands, fly alongside achingly tall skyscrapers and enjoy amazing views of Dubai’s historic creek.

Palm Island is the world’s largest artificial island.

There are a number of flight options available. Helicopter tours are in abundance, but the more adventurous might want to opt for an trip on a sea plane.

Serious shopping

From fine art to Ferraris

There is more to shopping in Dubai Mall of the Emirates, however, the vast complex is a must stop for avid shoppers. Jewellery fans must head for West LA Boutique, while the Mall of the Emirates is wonder to behold.

  • Dubai Mall
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • West LA Boutique

For a more authentic Emirate experience, head out into one of Dubai’s famous souks. Karama Market is bustling with activity and bursting with traditional handicrafts.

Hotel heaven

Unprecedented luxury

Famously home to the world’s only 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab, Dubai offers the epitome of luxury accommodation. Its high-end hotels are a marvel, and even if you don’t stay in one, you can still enjoy its hospitality.

  • Burj Al Arab
  • Armani Hotel
  • Al Maha Resort and Spa

With restaurants, night clubs and extravagant bars, Dubai’s luxury hotels are the place to come for an evening of extravagant entertainment.

Dinner in the desert

Head out into the sea of sand

There’s nothing quite like the serenity of sunset in the desert. With the dunes so close to the city, an evening excursion is an amazing way to experience this mysterious wilderness.

  • 4×4 safari
  • On the back of a camel
  • The luxury option

Many packages include your trip to the desert and accompanying dinner. Whether you choose to arrive via camel or 4×4, the options are wide and varied. We’d suggest doing it in style with a six course luxury banquet under the stars.


1 Deira Gold Souk

A busy market place and centre for Dubai’s gold sellers.

2 Burj Khalifa

A 160-story high skyscraper with a world-famous observation deck.

3 Wild Wadi

Epic water park with roller coasters, slides and surfing wave.


1 Dubai Museum

An 18th-century fort, now a museum of local history and heritage.

2 Dubai Aquarium

An impressively large underwater attraction complete with sharks and rays.

3 Al Bastakiya

A historic neighbourhood in the city dating back to the 1890s.


1 Deira Perfume Souk

Create your own fragrances in this bazaar dedicated to perfume.

2 Jumeirah Mosque

A world-famous, beautifully constructed mosque offering guided tours to non-Muslims.

3 Madinat Jumeirah

Glamorous hotel resort complete with restaurants and a private beach.