About Finland
Capital city: Helsinki

Many people’s first view of Finland is a winter one, and what a wonderland it is. Oulu and Rovaniemi are two great bases for exploring the area, although you could opt to stay in the heart of the magic in a cabin or hotel in Lapland. The place where Santa Claus calls home also offers reindeer, ice hole fishing, and a large ski/snowboard area. However magical winter may be, the other seasons offer a great chance to explore the rest of the country, starting with Helsinki. A friendly, vibrant seaside city you can easily explore on foot, with a nightlife ranging from rock shows to cocktail lounges and island camping for escapists, this is a fascinating place to visit. With Savonlinna’s medieval castle and opera festival and the largest smoke sauna in the world at Kuopo in the Lake Region, you have all the ingredients for three quite different holidays.


Finnish Lapland is a great place to see the breathtaking northern lights, they appear on over 200 nights every year.