About Berlin
A ruthlessly creative capital

Berlin is a cacophony of opposites. Steeped in Germany’s often turbulent history, alive with the present, and hurtling towards the future, Berlin is a fluid city where worlds collide. Amongst it all are opulent green spaces, parks, lakes and woodlands where Berlin’s buzz is quelled. Each of the city’s districts is unique.  You’ll find grand, lavish apartments in some, decrepit, trendy warehouses populate others. They all add to Berlin’s intoxicating variety, and you’ll soon be hooked.


Berlin is criss-crossed by waterways and, as a result, has over 1,700 bridges spanning its canals and rivers. Even Venice can’t claim that many.


How’s the weather in Berlin in October?




Dry days


Avg. Rainfall

36 mm

Snow Days







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What does Berlin cost?



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The Brandenburg Gate

Welcome to Berlin

This 18th century monument is one of Germany’s best known attractions. Marking the historical entrance to the city, it has featured in in some of Berlin’s seminal moments.

The Brandenburg Gate was completed in 1791 during the reign Frederick William II of Prussia.

Although it appears ominous, the gate was actually built as a sign of peace. Historically, the city had been a haven of tolerance and calm in a region ravaged by war and separatism.

Wild swimming

Water, water everywhere

For a capital city, Berlin has a surprising number of outdoor swimming spots. Locals and tourists alike can escape the summer heat with a dip in one of the city’s many lakes, canals and rivers.

There are over 3,000 surrounding Berlin in the Brandenburg region surrounding Berlin.

Weißer See is the perfect lake for a morning swim, while Müggelsee, the city’s largest lake, offers the chance to enjoy a secluded sunbathe too.

Museum Island (Museumsinsel)

A cultural idyll

Five museums populate Museumsinsel on a small island in the River Spree. A unique place to see artefacts and art works from Babylon to Byzantium, you’ll have trouble leaving.

The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At the heart of Berlin’s historical centre, the island represents 6,000 years of human history and is the perfect place to finish your tour of the area. Don’t forget to leave yourself ample time to explore.

Memorials and monuments

Remembering troubled times

You can’t avoid the part Berlin played during World War One, the Nazi-era and the Cold War, and the city doesn’t want you to. Poignant and reflective, the Berlin’s memorials give you a real sense of how it has risen up from these dark periods in history.

  • Neue Wache Memorial
  • Plötzensee Memorial
  • Checkpoint Charlie

The fall of the Berlin Wall will be fresh in the minds of many who visit. For a taste of modern history, a tour of what remains of the wall, now a memorial itself, is a must.

German delicacies

More than meat alone

Germany is famous for its array of sausage-based suppers. But as well as offering traditional fayre you’ll know about, Berlin has thousands of places where you can taste German delicacies you never knew existed.

  • Senfeier
  • Eisbein
  • Pfannkuchen

From delicious pastries to vast plates of sauerkraut and schnitzel, Berlin is one of the best places in Germany to get a real flavour for the country’s hearty dishes. Our advice: find a place full of Berliners, they know best.

Out all night

Party like a Berliner

Berlin is the home of industrial dance music and if you’re a night owl, you’ve come to the right place. From anything goes mega clubs, to small stylish bars, Berlin has it all.

Legendary Berghain bouncer Sven has the pick of who enters the super club.

The city’s club scene very much a no holds barred affair. But something little more mellow, riverside haunt, Club der Visionäre, is famous for its Sunday afternoon sessions.


1 Reichstag Building

German capital’s parliament building, complete with an impressive glass dome.

2 Brandenburg Gate

An imposing 18th-century gate and historical divide of the city.

3 Gendarmenmarkt

Grand square in the city centre bordered by impressive architecture.


1 Checkpoint Charlie Museum

Displays on the Berlin Wall, historical entrance to East Berlin.

2 Alexanderplatz

Restored pedestrianised square and a popular meeting and market place.

3 Deutsches Currywurst Museum

A fun museum celebrating one of Germany’s favourite fast foods.


1 Topography of Terror

Former Gestapo Headquarters, now a centre for remembrance and reflection.

2 Hamburger Bahnhof

A contemporary art museum with works from the 1960s onwards.

3 Jewish Museum Berlin

Holocaust memorial and an account of German-Jews in modern history.