About Norway
Capital city: Oslo

The most westerly Scandinavian country, Norway is home to grand mountains, breathtaking fjords and glaciers unlike any other in the world. Even the capital city, Oslo, remains true to its natural roots, with plenty of open green spaces to enjoy. The great outdoors is a big part of life in Norway, with hiking and fishing remaining popular outdoor pursuits. You can also take part in skiing at the Olympic resort in Lillehammer, which caters for every ability level from the new skier to the enthusiastic expert. If your quest for adventure isn’t satisfied, Norway also offers dog sledding, snowmobiling and white water rafting in the summer. You can’t think of Scandinavia without the Viking association and well-preserved Viking ships from the ninth century can be viewed at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo – sure to wow people of all ages. Visit in summer to be amazed by the possibilities. Visit in winter, and take advantage of the chance to see the Northern Lights on a cloudless, dark night.


Norway has provided the Christmas tree which sits in London’s Trafalgar Square every single year since 1946, as a thank you for British support during the second world war.