About Poland
Capital city: Warsaw

Poland is a country which combines home comforts with the chance to let your hair down. Comforting food, emphasis on family, and pulsing urban life combine wonderfully in this central European hotspot. The three biggest cities in Poland are Warsaw, Kraków, and Łódź, with Warsaw being the most densely populated. Architecture fans will love Kraków’s Gothic buildings, embellished with Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau signs. Head to the hills to see medieval style castles and historic ruins, or take a trip into the countryside to see the beautifully crafted wooden church buildings. During WW2, Poland unwittingly found itself at the centre of the war zone, but played a key role in the allied victory. Not only did their flying squadron top the list as the highest scoring in the RAF, the Poles rescued more Jews than any other country from certain death in the Holocaust. The country is full of tributes and museums dedicated to their part in the war.


The original name of Poland comes from the traditional word “Polanie”, which translates as “People who live in open fields”.