About Portugal
Capital city: Lisbon

With 236 million speakers, Portuguese is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, most likely as a result of early colonisation of the New World. The 800km coastline and fertile soil of Portugal means that the Portuguese will never go hungry. Food is a simple but delicious affair, with olives, smoked meats, cheeses, and seafood all commonly served at the dinner table, along with some red wine, or sharper venho verde. Locals know how to have a good time and their calendar is full of festivals. The Festa de Santo António in Lisbon and the Festa de São João in Porto go on all night, with drinking and dancing at the heart of them. Away from the cities, you can enjoy country fairs and music festivals along the coast. Traditional melancholic fado music provides a wonderful backdrop to your time in Portugal, but if you need something more lively, head for the nightlife in Lagos, Coimbra and Porto.


In the 15th century, a treaty was signed which gave Portugal control of the eastern side of the New World – Africa, Asia and Brazil.