About Stockholm
Scandinavia’s watery wonderland

Oozing Scandinavian chic, Stockholm is made up of a series of interconnected islands that mirror the city’s distinctive culture.
There’s nothing quite like a summer seafront saunter along Strandvägen boulevard, you can even take a dip from Långholmen pontoon if the water’s too tempting to refuse. Or stay dry and opt for a view of the archipelago from a kayak. Either way, the sea in Stockholm beckons.


Sweden’s capital is a Smörgåsbord of contemporary design, global tastes and Nordic traditions.


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Swedish krona

What does Stockholm cost?



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Getting around Stockholm

Public transport in Stockholm is operated by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) and includes a series of metro trains, buses, trains, trams and ferries – particularly apt for a city criss-crossed by waterways and spread across a series of islands.

Locals swear by the metro, the Tunnelbanan, as the quickest and most convenient way to get around the city while the ferry is the best way to get over to the popular tourist spot, Djurgården Island.

If you want to explore further afield and see more of the archipelago, boat operator Waxholmsbolaget run services to Stockholm’s outlying islands.

The easiest way to pay for public transport in Stockholm is to buy an SL Access card for 20 SEK and top-it-up before you travel. The cards are available at locations all over the city including metro and railway stations, SL travel information centres, local convenience stores, supermarkets and hotels.

If you opt for the ease of a taxi, be aware that prices aren’t regulated. This means fares can very expensive so make sure you agree a price before you set off. Alternatively, Uber is prevalent in Stockholm and probably a better option than private taxis.

Otherwise this beautiful Scandinavian city can be enjoyed on foot and by bicycle. There are lots of pedestrianised areas and cycling is common in the city so safe cycle paths accompany most major roads and thoroughfares.

You can’t escape the sea in Stockholm and it’s along the city’s stunning waterside locations that you’ll find the best walking spots. Head to the tiny island of Skeppsholmen for a stroll around its perimeter.

Avid cyclists will be pleased to know the city runs its own bike sharing programme called City Bikes. It’s possible to borrow a bike for three hours at a time and deliver it to locations all over Stockholm.


People also like these destinations

Island hopping

Explore the archipelago

No visit to Stockholm is complete without a tour of the stunning archipelago that makes up the city. In the far reaches of the Baltic Sea, this network of islands is best viewed from the water.

14 islands constitute the city, but the entire Stockholm Archipelago is made up of more than 30,000.

If you don’t fancy captaining your own vessel, there are lots of tour options available. If you’d like to explore further, the wider network of islands are just a 20 minute boat ride away.

Vasa Museum

Stockholm’s most treasured ship

The Vasa sank in Stockholm in 1628, but it would take 333 years before this vast warship was raised from the seabed. Now the Vasa has become the most visited museum in Scandinavia.

Vasa is the only preserved 17th century ship in the world

The Vasa Museum is an ideal attraction for families, with plenty to keep kids, big and small, suitably entertained.

Café culture

Find time for a Fika

Café culture is big in Stockholm. So much so there’s even a word – fika, for enjoying a cup of coffee with a delicious sweet treat on the side.

Swede’s drink on average four and a half cups each day.

Of course there are hundreds of cafés to choose from, but for an extra strong brew, locals look no further than Lisas Café & Hembageri on Södermalm.

Cutting edge design

IKEA and beyond

As Sweden’s capital, Stockholm is a mecca for fans of Scandinavia’s distinctive design heritage. The city is fit to burst with designer outlets peddling sleek, simple furniture, pottery and more.

Think beyond IKEA and discover some of the city’s independent designers. It may be an expensive place to flash the cash but there are always bargains to be had.

Life on the water

Water, water everywhere.

Stockholm is a city built on the water. So what better way to appreciate it than by spending your vacation on a houseboat.

  • Canal boats
  • Private rental
  • Luxury houseboats

There are lots of options available for on the water holidays. But for those on a budget, your best bet is to go down the private rental route. Companies like and are a great first stop.

Swedish delicacies

Try typical Swedish produce at Östermalms Saluhall

Dating back to 1888, Östermalms Saluhall, is the best place in Stockholm to experience Swedish staples.  From stunning seafood to exotic meats like elk and moose, you’ll be amazed by the produce on display.

  • Surströmming
  • Gravlax
  • Pytt i panna

Sit down and enjoy the market’s bounty in one of Östermalms Saluhall’s many restaurants. Even celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is a fan. He cites the majestic food hall as one of his favourite destinations in the city.


1 The Royal Palace

Vast complex containing museums and a library, guided tours available.

2 Stortorget

A lovely Square in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s picturesque old town.

3 Nobel Museum

A museum celebrating the rich history of the Nobel Prize.


1 Skansen

Open-air museum of Swedish history and zoo with Scandinavian animals.

2 Isbladskärret

A small lake located on Djurgården island, good for bird watching.

3 Vasa Museum

Museum and the preserved remains of the 17th-century ship Vasa.


1 Swedish History Museum

Explore Sweden through the ages, from the Vikings and onwards.

2 Gröna Lund

Amusement park with roller coasters, rides and live music concerts.

3 Karlaplan

Large open plaza, a popular place to escape the city.