About United Kingdom
Capital city: London

For many visitors, a trip to the UK isn’t complete without visiting London, with its Houses of Parliament, theatres, shops and of course, the Underground train network. However, there’s much more to see in England, with rural countryside, historic monuments like Stonehenge which reflect the country’s rich heritage, and the fantastic architecture of York Minster and Windsor Castle. Head north and visit Scotland, home of William Wallace, who fought valiantly for Scottish independence, dramatic mountains like Ben Nevis, the vast watery Lochs, or the sandstone tenements of Glasgow. You’ll find a warm welcome from the Scots and maybe a whisky, if you’re lucky. Wales prides itself on its stunning landscape. They’ve got their own language, which children learn in school, and agriculture to be proud of. In the south, regenerated capital Cardiff offers a mix of modern and old style Welsh life, while the north of the country is home to tranquil Anglesey, home to Prince William and his young family for a few years. Northern Ireland has had its fair share of troubles, but has plenty of wonderful attractions. Monuments from Celtic and Christian traditions, wonderful golf courses and scenery consisting of mountains and glacial valleys.


The UK is made up of four separate countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The latter three have devolved governments, which gives them the power to make decisions about what happens in their country.


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