North America


About Canada
Capital city: Ottawa

The second largest country in the world, Canada really is one of the most diverse you could hope to find. Offering everything from arctic wilderness to busy city living, there’s something for everyone. One thing which people seem to associate with Canada is the great outdoors and it really is the backbone of life in this part of the North American continent. Huge mountains, glaciers, forests and beaches are scattered around the country, providing a home for wildlife such as whales, moose and bears. Humans are making the most of this varied environment, too. Snowboarders have set up home in Whistler’s mountains, surf dudes head for the swells in Nova Scotia, while those who like a quieter life can take a sedate stroll in Stanley Park in Vancouver, or enjoy a day on the pink sands of Prince Edward Island. If you like a more urban lifestyle, head to the cities. Montreal is a French-speaking city with the feel of Paris, while Vancouver feels more multicultural and modern. It’s almost like having several different countries in one.


Canada is such a wide landmass that it actually spans six different time zones - Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic and Newfoundland.


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