About Oceania
Where East and West collide

Oceania is more than New Zealand and Australia. The region begins in the south Pacific encompassing Polynesia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and parts of Southeast Asia. Hot, steamy and enticingly exotic, these islands are the precursor to the regions key player, Australia.

Once home to countless tribes of indigenous aboriginal people, the majority of modern Australians can trace their ancestors back to Europe. Even so, indigenous culture still thrives in the country and in New Zealand, and the south Pacific island nations too.

While red, dry dust accounts for a huge part of its interior, the fringes of Australia are home to stunning tropical beaches and, off the coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef.

Travel south in Oceania and you’ll reach New Zealand, a nation made up of two islands with a climate surprisingly similar to western Europe, but with an alien landscape like nowhere else on Earth.


Oceania is made up of over 25,000 volcanic or coral tropical islands scattered all over the Pacific.